Solar Energy.

A smart way to see your money grow.

Solar Energy ($SEG) is a deflationary BEP20 token from Binance Smart Chain..

Solar Energy was born with the purpose of meeting the needs of traditional investors and adapting to the world of cryptoactives. A self-sustaining currency. A decentralized ecosystem that has BUSD as rewards for investors.

  • In addition to being a clean source, the main demand for the photovoltaic solar system is for savings of up to 95% on the electricity bill for over 25 years.
  • Our initial objective is to acquire land with a minimum capacity of 1 hectare and a maximum of 12 hectares displaced for the implementation of the first plant in the Northeast of Brazil.
  • Invest in the fastest growing clean energy source in the world.

At Solar Energy, in addition to the gains from currency appreciation, which naturally occur with the entry of new investors and all holders will earn a share of all the profit generated by the Plants created by the Solar Energy team. A differential that few currencies have in the Defi market and that our investors will have access to.


Easy investment system in our cryptocurrency


many forms of profitability.


All Initial Liquidity will be locked.


Check our Roadmap

Q2 22

- Team creation

- Creation of institutional visual identity, presentation, website and social media.

- Creation of whitepaper.

Q3 22

- Creation of currency

- Liquidity Lock

- Launch of Solar Energy.

- Partnerships

- Audit by TechRate.

- Listing in Coingecko.

- Listing in Coinmaketcap

Q4 22

- Land negotiation concluded

- Start of bids for plant implementation

- Deed and registration of the area.

- Launch of Solar Energy.

- Whitepaper update.

- Website update.

Q1 23

Listing on major brokerages.

- Solar Energy APP for Android and IOS.

- Own Dex.

- Presentation of the second phase of the script.

Download and review our whitepaper.

All information about our cryptocurrency will be available in the following documents.

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Check our tokenomic

Currency economy

billion total supply

% added to the liquidity pool for each transaction

% sent to investors for each transaction.

% sent to create Plants and Marketing for each transaction.


Check our Team

Caic Silva

Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Andrade

Chief Technology Officer

Anderson Mendonça

Chief Marketing Officer

Fernando Augusto

Chief Financial Officer

Lucas Martins

Chief Product Officer


Contact us and Invest in the fastest growing clean energy source in the world.